Welcome to Michael Cameneti Films. Michael is a freelance filmmaker and composer from Canton, Ohio. He has a true passion for the arts whether its directing, shooting, editing or composing. But what Michael truly believes is finding the best way to tell the most effective story, and that story must start with a good idea. Regardless of the medium, Michael will stop at nothing (except for maybe a cup of coffee) to find the most creative & effective way to help his clients reach their goals.

Cameneti is the 'cream of the crop' when it comes to directors/filmmakers. The atmosphere of the shoot was both fluid and productive. His professionalism was par excellent, while simultaneously making everyone on the set feel like family. His eye of capturing the 'moment', beyond what's in front of the camera, is a God given gift. Cameneti is definitely one of my go to directors for anything I work on and should be yours too.

Allen Swoope (Collision-Records)

Michael has consistently been one one of the most reliable Poptent producers. We can always count on him to deliver incredibly high quality ideas, scripts, or fully executed video no matter the deadline. Trust is incredibly important in this business – Michael maintains consistent communication throughout the project lifecycle and is able to adapt to client needs on the fly.

Dan Svizeny (Poptent.net)